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Ladies and gentlemen the long wait is over. Witcher Kings is now compatible with!

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Ladies and gentlemen the long wait is over. Witcher Kings is now compatible with the latest build of CK2 version This is purely a compatibility version with no new content at this time, we wanted to get this out to you all who have been waiting so patiently for us to play catch up.

Rest assured the mod is not dead, we are going forward with new content soon! There is a very rich and vibrant world to explore in the Witcher and plenty for us to draw from. Please let us know of any issues you encounter and we will endeavor to address them as quickly as possible.

Edit: added changelog below

Compatibility with vanilla 2.5.2

  • Rework charm, heal and protect spells to use targeted decision system rather than intrigue decisions / plots
  • Add trait icons for deaf, mute, silver_tongued and reasonable
  • Add trait icons for magic_talent and source
  • Add solarist and imperialist trait icons / decision icons
  • Fix issue with drug_addict icon
  • Implement very basic geographical region system
  • Fix fighter ambitions
  • Fix/add some missing realm decision icons
  • Add empty loading tips to prevent vanilla ones to appear
  • Fix 'the Old' nickname conditions for long-lived races
  • Merge stubborn trait with vanilla one
  • Fix many validation errors
  • Fix some localization typos
  • Remove heroes portrait sprites. Heroes' look will be improved in next releases via in-game portraits.
  • Make scoia'tael more likely to pop up in forests
  • Revert Nordlings to kingdom tier
  • Fixe nilfgaard cb (except for skellige)
  • Elder races now all use reclaimation cb
  • Novigrad and Grand Picket buildings increase tax income/fort size
  • Merge some duchies
  • Modify ai's skill with strong emperor trait
  • Add mage tower to tretogor
  • Tone down rebels, especially peasant revolts. Still needs more tweaking.
  • Dryads no longer get brothels
  • Swap main menu theme for "Hunt or Be Hunted" from Witcher 3
  • Bloodline traits are now agnatic
  • Fix k_sodden localisation
  • Rework climate
  • Add some wikia links for canon characters
Tyrann0saur - - 1 comments

I love you

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Eldaxer - - 14 comments

YES! Finally! Thank you.

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Audiate - - 11 comments

Came here to show a friend the mod, super happy there was an update! Great work!

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