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Well we have made steady progress with Star Wars:The 501st and level development on it, we intend a bunch of other extra's for the special edition.
I updated the clone graphics to fit the games need for stuff like that so the game has one consistent art style and doesn't switch throughout the game.
I also have changed up the level locations a bit and added and removed some they are as the following,
Chapter 1*
-Prelude [100%]
-Geonosis Part 1 [100%]
-Geonosis Part 2 [100%]
-Geonosis Part 3 [100%]
Chapter 2*
-Orto Plutonia Part 1 [100%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 2 [0%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 3 [0%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 4 [0%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 5 [0%]
Chapter 3*
-Prelude [0%]
-Assault on Corasant Part 1 [0%]
-Assault on Corasant Part 2 [0%]
-Protect Chancellor Palpatine Part 1 [0%]
-Protect Chancellor Palpatine Part 2 [0%]
Chapter 4*
-Ending [0%]

That is the level list and production rates.

Graphics [100%]

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