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Post news RSS Update with DPI Fixes, NEW Secret Project Teasers + February Sale!

Fixes, sales, teasers... we've got them all so come and get some!

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Fixes, sales, teasers... we've got them all so come and get some! Enjoy those sweet discounts of 001 Game Creator and its DLCs alongside a new updated version of it... and some more secret project stuff!

DPI Fixes & Loading Improvements

In our previous update we made it so that 001 games during play-testing were DPI aware, meaning they were rendering at the true resolution as specified in the Game's Settings regardless of what the user's Windows DPI scaling was set to. However, due to a few of our users reporting some issues at higher ratios, we made it an option you can toggle in the Game's Settings. Note this feature only impacts built games at this time.

We also managed to modestly improve game and editor startup times which should be more noticeable on Android/iOS and HTML5 games specifically.

As always, we appreciate the continued support and feedback that we receive from both the community and our Patreon members. You can view the full list of changes for the newest update and the previous ones from the changelog below:

001 Game Creator Changelog

It has started unfolding...

Teasers about our BRAND new secret project have finally started popping up. Currently, 3 teasers have already dropped on our Patreon (the 3rd just came out only few days ago!) with more coming down the line, each revealing a small piece of the grand puzzle that we've got in store for you. If you'd like to see for yourself what this is all about AND get access to a bunch of other great benefits, then now would be a great time to become part of our amazing Patreon community!

SoftWeir Patreon


Last Update Round Recap

Our last public version was a much welcomed update with 40 great changes. Ranging from Fullscreen toggling, HTTPS support (both Windows and Android!) for the "Query Webpage" event, some important Android versioning updates, testing app control fixes to games on mobile, and much much more!

Feel free to have a look at our past releases, including the recap of 2023.001 at:

001 Game Creator Changelog

February Sale

Now get a sweet discount of 001 Game Creator at 60% off and all of your favorite DLC's for up to 30% off until February 23rd! Create a variety of different games from a first-person shooter to even your own full-blown MMORPG. Jump-start your dream project now before spring arrives!

Thank you to our supporters!

We can't thank you enough for having made all of this possible. From our Patreon members, to our translators, and the entire community as a whole! All of your feedback has helped us to improve our products and service throughout the years. As such, thank you! We hope the community and Patreon members grow to the point when we can release webinars in the future!

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