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The weekly update where we present to you what we have done on Turf Wars this past week.

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This week we have worked a lot with polishing our mechanics and finishing the final touches for Swedish Game Awards. In addition to this we felt we had the time to implement some new features and systems to improve the game even further. Among the many things we added, the larger features are the M60 machine gun that has a 50% chance of airdropping instead of the RPG, a new loadout system that allows you to choose which weapons and what equipment to use, and a great deal of improvement to the Plaza level, adding background houses and improving the surroundings overall to give life to the rest of the city.


  • Added bird AI
  • Added loadout selection system
  • Added kill feed
  • Added melee weapon mechanics
  • Added M60 machine gun airdrop
  • Added graphic settings functionality
  • Added UI resolution scaling
  • Improved money bag functionality
  • Improved movement & aiming functions
  • Improved character collision


  • Added various melee weapons
  • Added various main menu assets
  • Added various general models & textures
  • Added M60 machine gun
  • Added background building images
  • Added additional gangster model
  • Added additional clothing
  • Added reimported textures
  • Improved Plaza map

The upcoming week we will continue to polish Turf Wars for Swedish Game Awards, not adding too many new features but instead optimizing the ones already implemented. We will also start working on a new trailer, displaying the game as a whole and showing you some of the highlights of our play testing.

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