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Post news RSS UPDATE v0.102 released!

The new update for The Golden Coin is released! Just overwrite the main directory files!

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- NEW QUEST: Find out what happened with supplies for the shopkeeper

- NEW world places
- NEW 1 CoinRace level
- NEW few icons
- NEW sound for woodchop
- NEW sound to level up
- NEW knowledge attribute
- NEW maxlevel 5
- NEW option to let fall items

- ADD apples on the trees
- ADD keys
- ADD fishes
- ADD coinbags
- ADD ladders

- FIX level system scripts
- FIX menu issues
- FIX game balancing
- FIX CoinRace balance
- FIX some world sound adn light bugs
- FIX strenght and agility attribute points
- FIX move and weight system
- FIX torch creating
- FIX some icons
- FIX some water issues
- FIX introduced functions code and tgc libraries


- the save and load mode is not working propely
- there isn't music and a jukebox player
- there is a long loading time for ingame sounds
- there is a long loading time for game start pictures
- there isn't a third person character/view
- the water specularity is heavy blinding
- the settings menu is not optimized
- there isn't an option for mouse speed
- there isn't a died sound/great message
- over 25 sec. Chapter_I loading time
- you can't press one more time in the menu the
shortkey to exit (press right click instead)
- in the general menu there are a few issues
- there are some english language errors
- a unknow but very rare crash to desktop
- there are some fatal issues in the weight system
- there are some story errors

Download: www.thegoldencoin.page.tl or here on moddb.com
The next update v0.105 will be another major update =)

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