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The Fallout team apologizes for their lack of updates to the moddb folks. Therefore, we will be delivering some info on content that has not been shared on any other forums!

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The Fallout team has been hard at work developing the best game possible with the M&B engine!
Although we have ran into many problems and blocks that have kept us from making this an excellent M&B universe fallout style game, we will do our best to get around these problems.
Problems, such as lack of animation and skeletal support, have kept us from adding various creatures in such as the Centaur for example, because hitboxes and whatnot cannot be changed. The official M&B developers had promised us this months ago, however they have not been able to get to it. Hopefully soon we will have such support and once again be able to deliver you a most spectacular mod.
A good update that you might enjoy reading is;
New weapons have been added to the game with some pretty good skins that will allow you to knock some people batty with the famed super sledge hammer, or blow someones head off with the feared name of the Desert Eagle!
Many of the weapons that were featured in the past demo, are now skinned and looking awesome, while others are awaiting proper textures but have been uved and are ready for such event.
In the coding field we have a individual that is working on an awesome skill, its a surprise, but you will greatly enjoy it when its complete! We have also added stimpacks to the game and they are working 100%!. We are also working on developing a pipboy series quest that will allow you to *in the first version* recruit the Pip Boy, an NPC that was actually recruitable in the fallout 2 series. He will act as an awesome warrior hero in your battles, as well as a pipboy allowing you to listen to music, and other various abilities as we develop them!
The Sound field is going well! F0xfingers has indeed been working hard to create some amazing lifelike sounds for each and every weapon, as well as sounds for the creatures. Each and every gun has its own unique sound, and as soon as we get past a holdback with the engine with custom melee sounds, each and every custom melee weapon will have its own sound.
The Fallout team decided that since we have been developing for as long as we have, and still have many many things to complete, that we are opening the development field once again and allowing ANYONE to apply for any positions. If you are interested then please send Spiritwind51 a PM and he will forward you an application to the team. The only fields that we are not recruiting in is the Music development field, and sound development.
Thank you for reading the latest news and we will try to keep the Moddb folks up2date more often than not!
~The Fallout Team~

Dreadacide - - 2,600 comments

awesome can't wait to see all the new textures and weapons :]

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,120 comments

I hope that the official M&B developers gives you skeletal support. Your plans for this mod sounds awesome, keep it coming.

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