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A lot of features a waiting for you, in this article i will present you the new features and descripe them, what i do now and what i do in the future.

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Let's take a look, i'll create an outline of the changes what i've made.

1. Main Menu differences

  • PC
  • Mobile

2. UI changes

  • NPC Icons
  • Quests
  • Minimap/Map

3. InGame features/news

  • New Zone
  • Fly Mount (Model and icon is temporary!)
  • Quit Dialog
  • Bugfix

Menu Differences on PC and Mobile

PC: Here is the Main Menu on PC, there are no much changes, but i've added a "Remember" checkmark to save your account details.

Main Menu on PC

Mobile: And this is the Main Menu what it looks like on a phone. (using poor 800x480 resolution :D) I heard about what it would be... kindly nice to see more from the login screen when you open up Smythos on a mobile phone. :)

Android 800x480

So lets go to UI improovements...

UI Changes

According to the feedback of friends and (and sadly only one customer, he's awesome!), they told me they dont know who gives you a quest and who not. I've added a Scroll icon over every NPC, at this point only for Storyquests, what take us the the next step, the Quests.

I'm coloring a Quest in 4 different types, it will be:

Yellow: for Story

Blue: for Start and Eventquests

Red: For Dungeons/Raids/Boss/Epic

Orange: Debug/Test/Alphatesting

every Quest will become a String with "[Story] Kill xyz!" and objectives/targets will be colored too (Mobs will be marked red and Items will be marked green)

Here are some screens:

Here are the Quests:

NPC IconQuest


I've adding more Weapons soon, where you can choose of Items depending of your current class.


I have added a Minimap on PC version;

(i dont really think you need a minimap on mobile, I am glad if I can ever put a new button on a mobilescreen, there simply not enought space for that. :D)

When you press "M" key the minimap gets big into a Worldmap, you can zoom in and out with the buttons. (with + and - keyboard keys too!) Ive adding mob points and portal icons later.

Here are two screens what it looks like:


World Map

Ingame changes:

I've started to adding a house interrior for the city, in this you will be chatting or meet people, a bank and guild managing coming later in the future. (The interrior will remind you from another game.., i used it bcause i very liked that)




NPC is bugging a little, but he works! :D

My friends told me i should definitely add a fly mount, so i did:

Item: "Reins of the Flying Drake" {Item ID: 37}, he's currently not added on any npc merchant, should i reboot the alpha quest and add him as reward? tell me your thoughts. :)



>Watershader is glitching with another texture, water will be replaced later.

>Later i will adding more collision walls, in order to not flight out of collision area, so you wont be able to explore the hole empty continent. :D

Quit Dialog:

You can now exit the game without ALT+F4! Is that awesome!

Press "Settings" on the bottom right corner.


Later i will add more stuff like change audio/quality/resolution.


Connection bug:

The bug was caused by an incorrect entry in the database. We need to update the client to take effect, you'll get it soon.

(IP Address is hidden for privacy purposes)


Character Selection Bug:

This bug is caused by a empty weapon (in other words, no object as a weapon), this affect every equipment like armor or weapons.

You can fix this, if you equip a weapon, it works flawless ingame, bug when you quit and login again, you get this sh**:

When everything is normal:

Character Selection

When you equip a weapon:


That happen when you let it equipped:


Simply click nothing and press "Enter World", and unequip it from your character.


Future Plans before release:

-Add Weapons and Armor

-Add Cloths

-More Quests

-Completing all classes

-Spawn all Mobs


For more Questions, ask me here or via. Facebook


This is the most literal WoW clone I have ever seen.

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MHDev Author

Yes, WoW is my inspiration. My goal is that to make it like classic, no copy, just recreate it. What i want is, to have the same difficulty as same as wow classic times.

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Doesn't mean it will be a bad clone!

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