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RAGDOLL AND SUN UPDATE LOG -Player police dead ragdoll fixed -Player citizen dead ragdoll fixed -Player chronos dead ragdoll fixed -Player Chronos_2 dead ragdoll fixed -Realtime GI sun intensity revisited

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Online and single player update log
replaced multiplayer menu
-Server list
-host game
-Number Online players
-New Level single player
-New Loading screen
-New Death screen
-Added New in game menu of all modes
-New Mesh network
-New bots
-Berserk bot
-Rifle bot
-Zombie berserk
-Zombie rifle
-New Ia dedicated berserk
-New Ia dedicated rifle
-New Ia dedicated zombies
-New Animations bot berserk
-New Animations bot rifle
-New Optical night vision effect
-New Texture optical view
-New Drop system for bot enemies
-Secondary grenade attack add to bot
-Fixed Problem night sky
-New Reflection effects
-New sounds
-New Animation bot rifle transformation into zombies
-New Animation bot berserk transformation into zombies
-New Weapon to bot berserk shotgun
-New Weapon to bot rifle scar
-Effect reflection on scarh
-Effect reflection on rifle
-Effect reflection on knife
-Added New specular maps on various materials
-Added New effects on player chronos camera
-Added New effects on player chronos_2 camera
-Added New effects on player police camera
-Added New effects on player citizen camera

More updates logs on steam undeads page


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