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Just an update to say that I'm still hoping to get more done with Kaiser Earth as soon as possible, here's some info on what will hopefully be in the next update.

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Hi, just letting anyone who is interested know that I'm still hoping to get the next version, 1.2, of Kaiser Earth done at some point in the not too distant future. I've recently moved to the other end of the country and am looking for a job here at the moment, so a bit busy with that.
Though I've also been working a smaller, very different game, and might stick a prototype version on IndieDB for people to try if it's fun enough (follow me here or @mikeAmichael / @evilmountain for more on that)

But anyway thought I would put a rough list down of stuff that I'd quite like, and think would be possible, to have in the next update. If I put it out here maybe it'll get done faster:

The general theme of update 1.2 is more:


  • -More cannon and laser module subtypes
  • -More module types in general (repair module, drone module?)
  • -(maybe) more shield types


  • -More enemy types/new enemy ships
  • -More enemy ship variants
  • -More varied enemy behaviours/AI improvements


  • -More enemy level/event types
  • -More level variance, level objects/nuetrals


  • -Better instructions/any tutorial at all!?
  • -More consequences
  • -More improvements
  • -More fun

This seems like a lot now, so maybe not all guaranteed for the next update, but is what I hope to do.

So yeah, hopefully not too long till next time and if you'd like you can pick up Kaiser Earth on Desura (or go to my site for other places or direct from me) as it is now and imagine what it will soon be like with all these improvements mentioned above.

Kaiser Earth v1.1 is out now for Windows, Mac & Linux:
Or direct at: www.evilmountain.com

New Screenshots, v1.0 New Screenshots, v1.0

Here's some images and a video if you're new to Kaiser Earth, bye for now.


Awesome! How about some effect modules? For examples, modules that can stun or disable enemy ships temporarily, slow them down, hold them in place, etc.

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michaelsco Author

That would be cool yeah, I'll have a bit of an experiment and see what works.

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