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New Vehicles from the Development departments and a new class of soldier for hearo builders. Commando engineer with a unique load out.

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CRSlogo holiday3Merry Early-Christmas WWII Online! We're so excited to share with you a lot of hard work coming together to make up this holiday release. New vehicles, the new Builder Commando class, the USAAF becoming part of the regular campaign, and lots of updates/bug fixes. I'd like to thank all of our staff at Cornered Rat Software for their hard work here and for you the players giving us an extra bit of time compared to normal to deliver a monster patch. And for those who have been asking so much about SNOW, I'd like to let you know that our team has repaired and improved snow and it'll be available effective this release.

Welcome Back Soldier starts this coming Tuesday, be sure to get everyone ready - in fact, they can login now with Free Play access and on the 22nd we'll then give them all the toys. That being said, let's dig into the details of this update and kick-off this Christmas / New Year with a bang!

World War II Online: Version - December 2020

Introducing the 2020 "Holiday" release! Lots of new content and features, bug fixes, roadmap deliveries, and more! Subscribe to continue supporting WWII Online development.


  • USAAF forces will now be unlocked and part of the regular campaign

New Content

  • A-20C and new AN-M57 bomb added to the USAAF
  • US GMC CCKW 2.5 Tonner "Deuce and a Half"
  • US M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun
  • Builder only "Commando" class added
  • Platinum Builder "Obelix1" picture added to the bunker
  • New Platinum Builder icon issued to all Platinum Builders
  • New environmental props: rail cars, storage trailer, and large rock islands
  • Cobblestone in all towns and cities received new texture
  • Stonewalls now have a newer and higher resolution texture
  • Capture point building received new exterior wall texture
  • New destroyed states for Urban Building(s) 1 & 3
  • New ambient seagull sound added to oceans


  • Barracks roof materials updated to reduce sun glare
  • PC Installer now auto-checks install for DirectX
  • Fallen Soldier "Saratoga" added to the in-game memorial
  • Copyright updated to 2021
  • Credits updated to include several new staff members
  • PPO trench deployment timers reduced, lifetime extended
  • CP building has received posts at rear entry
  • Recently introduced texture pack received additional polishing
  • Holiday screens updated with CRS holiday logo
  • Historical .50 Caliber AP added back to Allied Aircraft
  • Max distance added to PPO Trench spawn

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved Matilda CS hitmap error
  • US M1 57mm no longer CTDs when spawning
  • The Ju87 compass now shows proper compass bearing
  • Window trim issue resolved on CP building
  • 31 customer reported terrain issues have been resolved
  • Bf-109G2/R1 was short 400 rounds on its machine gun
  • Schurzen (Panzer skirt armor) was incorrect
  • Dusseldorf river pixel of death removed

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The new Commando Class is coming to WWII Online in December of 2020! (Details about the Commando Here)

7 commando announcement


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