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here have some update news about (The Legend Of Crayons)!

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DEMO 0.0.16 is Released!!

  • change enemy AI (walking more radomly)!!
  • add a new area-Desert (but nothing at all...)


DEMO 0.0.15 is Released!!

  • fix you can't use screwdriver in hotkey!(BUG)
  • Now,when your health is rising you can see the healing vaule!


DEMO 0.0.14 is Released!!

  • add screwdriver(item) !
  • now you can craft screwdriver in !!
  • now you can use screwdriver to remove things(sapling,water filter,campfire,chest,healing flower seed)
  • the background will turn smoothly when you get in cave
  • water filter can't be put to the place that is not water!(BUG)
  • when your hungry and thirsty is higher than 80 you can get 10% maxhealth healing now!!
  • when your thirsty is 0 you will be dead soon!
  • when your thirsty is lower than 30 you will get 33% maxhealth damage now!!
  • when your hungry is 0 you will get 20% maxhealth damage now!!


DEMO 0.0.13 is Released!!

  • add basic attack cooldown bar!
  • the last(fourth) character power can reduce basic attack cooldown and skill cooldown now!!
  • fix AttackCoolDown number exceed status window(BUG)
  • the status window can see CoolDownReduction now!


DEMO 0.0.12 is Released!!

  • add an new easter egg!
  • the hp of pig is change from 500 to 200!
  • the hp of thief is change from 800 to 600!
  • the hp of boss(fake santa) is change from 5000 to 4000!
  • the hp of spider is change from 400 to 300!
  • in the Menu you can click the button or move the character to attack the button now!


DEMO 0.0.11 is Released!!

  • fixed some bugs
  • change the way you hit tree,now you need to do 10hits to cut down the tree! is no longer eating player's dmage!
  • Strike of Flash can do hits on tree now! Strike of Flash
  • add 10% chance to drop apple when the tree fall!


DEMO 0.0.1 is Released!!

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