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This update features new save system and fixes to small problems, encountered in version 0.3.0

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Another update is here!
The most important change is the new save system, better than old save system in every aspect.

First, it should work for everyone.
Old save system had odd habit of not working for no clear reason.
I hope the new one will work for everyone!

Second, three save slots instead of one!
Players will be able to start new game and don't lose old game.
Third, now there's an auto save option.
Just enable it and after end of every mission, no matter completed or failed, game will be saved to chosen save slot.

I have made few other changes, mostly fixes to the problems encountered in version 0.3.0:

  • Updated hard mode rewards, now they are rarer and amplifiers can only be applied to part once.
  • Fixed dust cloud glitch, that used to occur when running out of the Elder Mechanism damage boost while inside dust cloud.
  • Fixed minor issues with alloy containers.
  • Fixed other minor issues.
  • Improved tutorial.
  • Now destruction missions, spawned while hard mode is enabled, requires to destroy more minions to complete the mission.
  • Your spaceship now deforms less when moving to the bottom or top of the screen. I have not found way to fix this problem completely yet.
  • Changed few item names. For example, parts that give armour now are called armoured.
  • Fixed savior achievement, now it will track secure regions correctly.
  • Aegis achievement is now easier, but in future there will be perfect aegis achievement, which will be as hard as old aegis.
  • Ultimate destroyer achievement is now harder.
  • Fixed Spacehip typo that was on Spaceship button. Yep, it was right there since version 0.3.0, it's in screenshots, in trailer, everywhere. To those who noticed - well done! =]
  • It should be easier to avoid enemy shots now. But it doesn't really matter.

Because tomorrow I'm starting to work on new combat system!


Ever since release of the alpha version, I've got many different comments.
But all that feedback can be summarized to everything is great about Sector Six, except combat.

And now it's time to fix it!
Combat overhaul is going to be the biggest Sector Six update ever, that will completely change the way game is played.

Here's my plan:

  • Eliminate ability spamming and encourage player to use many different abilities by adding cool-downs to abilities.
  • Make player and enemies fire in many different angles, to make combat less horizontal and less repetitive. I also want to make combat more skill based. There might be abilities that will require player to pass precise aiming/timing mini-games to be activated.
  • Make enemy part breaking more than just decorative effect. Enemies will have weak spots, destroy-able weapons, explosive cores, fragile armour, etc.
  • Make enemies use abilities just like player. Some of these abilities will be so powerful, that player will have to use complex ability combinations to survive them.
  • Make abilities have unleash chance. When ability gets unleashed, it's effects become stronger or even change completely. Abilities can be unleashed only if they are upgraded to level 5 or higher, encouraging ability upgrading.
  • Make fusion abilities. These abilities will be only activated, if player uses three specific abilities in a row. For example if you activate unleash weapons, then beam shot and finally reveal weakness abilities, reactor overload fusion ability will be activated. Fusion abilities can also be unleashed, if you add fusion unleash chance boosting parts to your spaceship.
  • Add attributes. In classic RPG's there are usually some sort of attributes, like strength, intellect, wisdom... I want something like that in Sector Six, to increase depth of both ability upgrading and spaceship building.
  • Add shield mechanic. Since in Sector Six spaceships keep increasing in size, in higher levels it becomes impossible to avoid enemy projectiles. To solve this problem, there will be abilities that will put shield around spaceship, that will prevent spaceship from taking damage. To make shield not too good, some enemies will be able to break shields. There will also be shielded and shielding enemies. And so, I will be able to give player abilities that break enemy shields. Possibilities are unlimited!
  • Make abilities interact with other abilities. I want abilities to work like cards in Hearthstone and other card games. For example, some abilities will have negative effects, that player will be able to counter using other abilities. Spaceship damaging, high damage dealing ability will not damage spaceship if it will be activated after activating shielding ability. Then shield provided by shielding ability can be detonated to deal extra damage to enemies. Which will activate fusion ability. Which will be unleashed, destroying everything!
  • Make non-weapon spaceship parts as useful as weapon parts.
  • Make bosses more interesting and less broken.

That's just bunch of ideas, but I hope I can make them work.
Whatever happens, I promise that combat overhaul will make combat at least a little better!

Until next time!
Don't forget to tell me if something is wrong.
‚ÄčEspecially if something is wrong with new save system.
There's huge chance that I didn't noticed some big problem!





Sector Six 0.3.5

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