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Hello Gamers! Here is the Latest News about Dave. There are 4 New things i want to talk about in this Update.

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Hello Gamers and welcome to Dave update news #3!

In this Update, I've added 3 New things into the game:
- Credits, You can simply Buy Items with Credits.
- Hats, You can buy various Hats in the game.
- Lives, You have 3 Lives and if you lose them. You'll die Forever. (You have to restart the game).

Let's Start with Credits, Hats and Lives:

I wanted the player to "Achieve" after a Quest so i added a money System to the game to make the player happy when they complete a Quest. I added "Collectable" Items to the game so you can find Stuff around the world that contains some Credits!
With the money you find, you can buy Lives and Hats!

I know the Lives System will make the game really hard but that's the Point for the game! I don't like Mainstream games like CoD where you die millions of times but you still respawn from same checkpoint. So i would like to see players play the game carefully and not just Jump down and die all the time. I Hope you'll like the Lives System!

Second: Funding the Game

I will soon start a Indiegogo Funding Program because i have no money and i need to pay Victor for making wonderful music and I need more to buy a new computer because My computer is getting very old so I can't make some games in 3D. My Computer can't handle most of the 3D Programs i want to use for my future games. The Funding Program will start in 24th June 2013.

I will be really thankful if you help me through this!

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