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Several people gave me some advice on the game, which I took into account in a slightly modified version 1.0 which will be available very soon.

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A couple people who played the game voiced that they felt the character walked too slow. In this new version, I address these opinions and produce PUPPET version 1.0S (The "S" is for "Speed-walking"). Since the game is exactly the same aside from the faster characters, I did not feel that the change constituted a full-fledged update. Therefore, the original version 1.0 of PUPPET will remain the definitive (and my personal favorite) version of the game. I realize that the faster pace could make the game more entertaining to play, but version 1.0S will be available IN ADDITION to the original 1.0. Feel free to make your own judgement call on which version you prefer to download and play.

Note: There have been no bug fixes between version 1.0 and 1.0S. If you encounter a problem, it was either already there or new to the 1.0S release. Try both versions if you suspect a problem.

Thank you for your continued support! I really appreciate it.

ALSO: PUPPET has received its first YouTube review by the amazing "Not Good At Lieing!"
Check it out here: Youtube.com

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