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Post news RSS Rise of Ages - Update #8 - Winter is coming!

Added the Tundra biome, new blocks, craft system and improved UI.

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Hey People!

We are back with more news, although we are taking some time to launch news, we are working a lot in the game. Lets go to what matters!

New biome: Tundra

The winter is coming... and with it a lot of surprises! In this new biome, we have three new characteristic blocks: snow, ice and permafrost. The soil is bad for planting and strong creatures will inhabit the place, not to mention that is the place with the lowest temperatures of the planet!



The new tree of the biome was made with multiple versions, with snow and without it to be used in other biome too.


New wood blocks

Now different trees drops different blocks, and it is possibel to adjust then to different positions, like the log (front view) and the vertical version.


This increase the construction possibilities:

casa madeira

New UI

We finally have a UI that doesn’t feel like “Programmer Art”, everything was redesigned to improve intuitiveness and a bit of eye candy.


Life, stamina, and hungry bars with the beautiful face of your character.


Toolbar with the common slots from 1 to 0 (hotkey can be customizable) where you can have your tools and blocks and two new slots:
The Quick Slot (red background): you can put consumables here and the character will use it without unequipping your weapon, tool or whatever you have in your hands.
The Weapon Slot (green background): this slot will equip your weapon (equipped in the weapon slot in the inventory), different from other games you cannot put weapons on the common slots, you need to equip then in the inventory, we made this to better manage equipping weapons in both hands. You can equip two sets (each set have left and right slots) of weapons and can equip then with the Weapon Slot in the toolbar, and change sets activating again the Weapon Slot.


In the inventory you can see all the stuff you have collected in your adventure and equip then. The armor set is composed of four items: Head, Chest, Back and Pants, beyond that you have four accessory slots (Accessories are items with stats bonus or special skills). And you can equip your weapons here.

Here is how you will know what you have just collected without open the inventory.


After so many months working on this game, it finally have one of its primary features, the craft, the skill of beings to manipulate materials and create complete different things, that is the core of evolution of human kind, without craft and technology for craft new things we would still be in the prehistory.


Here a list of things you can craft will show in a list with the all necessary material. You can filter items by choosing a category in the vertical bar on the left or by the searchbox.
Interacting with a crafting table will show different items that can only be made on the table.


By the way, how are creatures spawned in this game?

I'm hoping that its NOT like in Terraria or Starbound where they just pop in outside of your view out of nowhere. It would be far better if they had nest objects or some kind of physical spawning sources that the player can actually interact with and even destroy.

That way the player could have permanent effect on their environment by either completely wiping out all life on the planet, to relocating the nests into a controlled zoo to admire them, or to put in laboratory rooms to study and experiment on them.

I really disliked the system from terraria since it felt like my actions did not matter and that the world was not consistent, but run by some dumb arbitrary logic to make creatures appear literally infinitely out of nowhere.

I hope this will not be the case in Rise of Ages.

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This is interesting, we will consider your suggestions when we do the mob spawn system.

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Awesome! Keep up the great work!

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Thank you!

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Looks very interesting to me. I like you new GUI, espacially the character portrait cause it looks like me ;D
I also think you did a good job on the crafting menu. In Terraria this is very confusing and Minecraft is the worst of all (although I like the game) becaus I actually have to visit a wiki in order to know what to craft. In games like theese the crafting has always bothered me to be unclear to the player.

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Hahaha, we will add a white cap in a future age to complete your look. ;p
And yeah, we dont like too the need to be playing with a wiki open in the browser all the time, we will try to avoid this.

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Hehe you should do that, it's pretty cold in the snow without a cap :) And I won't charge any fees for my look, so you're on the safe side ;)

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Oh and I forgot: the running animation seems a bit too slow for me. the character is running at a greater speed than his body movement would suggest. Perhapy you could try speeding it up a little?

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We already are thinking in improve some Animations, we will try to improve the running animation too ;)

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