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Post news RSS Update 8 and a half .. Halo solitude

Well this is somewhat a recap update , a more indept look at our models :)and a quick look at one of our maps. Spartan model ( in update below XD)

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Over the last week or two, we have been working to get this SMF forum up are ready for you guys , this is the reason that that last week was delayed and then canceled. So please join the new forums and be apart of the Halo solitude community at www.halosolitude.com or www.halosolitudeforum.tk as i am hearing reports that our .com isnt working properly :S

Ill talk a little about the new forums.
There are quite a nice bunch of features that i will go threw with you guys.

1) We will now be able to bring you news fast and quicker then ever before with the handy NEWS bulletin onto of the forum menu.

2)We now have 100% control of the forums code so we can add/remove any features that you guys would like.

3)We now have our own template/theme for the forums.

4)The PM box has 5x times the capacity

5)A more saficticated forum , pop up/down boards

And alot other features.

The forums are still in its BETA stages so there will be some icons that dont show up ,but thats about it.
If you enconter any problems whatsoever please contact and admin (Samuk (me) , Dandi8 , Downsider)
We have also moved our domain , we will now be at Halosolitude.com

On to some news that concerns the game itself.
This week we have the most important model in the whole game. THE SPARTAN IS HERE !
Yes, LW-Torrecilla has made our NEW spartan model. The model has 1/4 of the triangles but still looks great.
Here is a comparison between our model , and the original Halo one model.

Update 8
Update 8

We have also changed our logo. The team felt that the old logo was "Flat" compared to the new one , both logos new and old was made by Dandi8.
Update 8

We also have a new member in the team , Number1superguy.He will be helping us by making map concepts for mutliplayer/singleplayer maps.
We have a new video to show you guys .. have fun :)

A closer look at some of our models we have made exclusively for halo solitude ,A Halo game made for the psp with a full singleplayer mode, online/local multiplayer with bots.Join the forums and support us by going to www.halosolitude.com ( We are having some issue's with it so if it doesnt work visit www.haloportable.tk)

Next update is on the 25th and its look good so far :)

the Flaming Ice team.


cant wait to play halo portable

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Samuk Author

I cant wait to play my game online with other people :)

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well everyone can't wait...

even me!

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taakuu Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i freakin hate halo...
u guys are awesome...

im gonna get this game when you release it..
if u guys need help keepin a server up for online.. i got ur bak
that is...
if there'll BE online..

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