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Hey everyone! Just a small update for you today to give you some insights into an aspect of Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui that I havent talked about in detail yet: Elemental Abilities.

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Elemental Abilities

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Elemental Attacks

We need to distinguish between the basic "Elemental Attack" and the "Elemental Abilities". The basic elemental attack is executed by pressing the right mouse button and behaves similarly for all Toa: It sends out a destructive wave of elemental power that stuns enemies and deals damage. The exact properties, range, damage and special effects of these attacks varies from Toa to Toa, based on their element.

Elemental Abilities
Elemental abilities are different. Every Toa can select from a range of specialized elemental abilities. Tahu for example has access to **elemental traps** that activate when enemies come near them, the **firefield** ability sets the ground infront of you on fire and over time deals damage to all enemies within that area and the **volcanic eruption** causes a devastating area of effect attack that deals massive damage.

Every Toa has access to his own set of elemental abilities, with some overlap. For example, most Toa will have access to some form of the elemental trap, though they will be different in function.

Channeling Stones
Executing elemental abilities consumes a special ressource called "Channeling Stones", in addition to costing elemental energy. This mechanic is introduced to make using elemental abilities a calculated decision of ressource investment. Different elemental abilities will cost different amouts of channeling stones. To put down an elemental trap for example would only cost 2 channeling stones, while a volcanic eruption costs 10.

Currently, a Toa starts with 5 channeling stones and can acquire more by killing enemies or finding more in the world. Going back to a suva will recharge your initial 5 channeling stones.

Like with most elements in Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui, elemental abilities can be modified with disks. Certain disks might make certain abilities more effective or change the amout of channeling stones they require. Other perks will increase the base amout of your channeling stones or the speed at which they are gathered. The end goal is that with the right stat and disk layout, you have the option to make a character that relies heavily on elemental abilities to get through the game.

On the topic of stats and disk: The character menu screens of the game, such as the mask collection screen and the disk collection screen will take alot of inspiration from the original 2001 promotional CD-ROM and will look very similar in feel and design to what is found on that CD, such as this:


This is a great way of evoking the feeling of 2001 Bionicle just by visiting the character menu.

I hope you enjoyed this little update! We have really cool stuff that is currently beeing worked on and you can look forward to some really awesome updates!

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