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Another update on the remake's progress, with news of UE5, revised vehicle designs, and continued requests for an animator and game designer.

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This update is made by Dawaldo on behalf of the Central Committee of the Empires League. All queries will be answered by Dawaldo through the use of the gnushi ModDB account.


There has been a new update on the UE4 remake of Empires: Empiresmod.com

The post contains information as to how the Empires remake is expected to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5 capabilities. It also discusses aim down sights, shows off revised vehicle designs, and briefly mentions ECS Bullets.

The "About Us" page has still not been updated in about a year now, but the remake is in need of an animator and game designer.

Efforts continue to secure interviews with gaming websites for the remake. The Empires League with Mrdie at the head is also working to intensify efforts to alert old players as to the remake's progress and at the same time to alert both old and new players as to the anti-mod and anti-remake intrigues which are pursued by the Tricksterites in their bid to further consolidate control over the mass of the players of the great Empires Mod.

Another activity of the League has been to encourage discussion of the remake on the servers of the Source version, which see a good deal of activity on the weekends. When open discussion is not permitted, the League's cadres establish personal contact with specific players with the aim of organizing study groups and with the further aim of bringing to light development abilities which can be used to contribute to the remake.

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