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An update on the remake's progress, with holy poly models of infantry and weaponry and continued requests for an animator and game designer.

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This update is made by Dawaldo on behalf of the Central Committee of the Empires League. All queries will be answered by Dawaldo through the use of the gnushi ModDB account.


There has been a new update on the UE4 remake of Empires: Empiresmod.com

Among other things the post contains four videos showing off gameplay elements as well as eight photos (notably the BE Gun).

The post comes after a hiatus of some months due to the ability to post updates on the website being seemingly restricted to a single figure who claims "seasonal depression" as the reason. The Empires League advocates that multiple persons be given PR powers over the site and associated venues (such as the Twitter account) to prevent a repetition of this occurrence. The League is also aware that the Tricksterites are trying to sabotage further development of the remake. The League is working alongside genuine developers and players of Empires to strengthen the cause of the remake.

The "About Us" page has not been updated in close to a year, but the remake is still in need of an animator and game designer.

Efforts are still underway to secure interviews with gaming websites for the remake.

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