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Greetings Kindred! The summer season is nearing to an end but as always, we did not have much time to rest. We are back with a new update.

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These months have been difficult for us – not everything goes the way we want to. However, we try our hardest to get the most out of the scarce resources we possess. Without going into too much detail, we’ll begin with a small supercut of our testing.

I think this video already answered some of your questions, especially the ones related to combat system and how it works in-game. Of course, it’s still not perfect. We have spent hours and even days working on and improving every element, taking into account maximum number of factors.

In the middle of summer, we uploaded two YouTube videos showing the current progress of our character editor and we are very happy with the results. And even though we (and you) would like to keep improving it and adding more features, at the moment it would be wise to leave this for future development. There are more important things that we need to work on and unfortunately, we can’t do everything with a team our size.

A few words on controls. This topic was raised in our past updates and on the forums and while some things are more or less set in stone, character control still raises some questions. Reminder that our game won’t have traditional for MMOs control scheme and this part of the project went through many changes during development, before we achieved the desired results – the ability to control your character not just by mouse and keyboard, but gamepad as well.

This required us to change traditional behavior scheme, making it more like action-adventure games. We are still improving assignment of keys on gamepad and the final layout is still not confirmed. Meanwhile, mouse and keyboard layout is much more simple and we don’t anticipate any issues with it.

Of course, this isn’t all we have right now. We would like to show you various abilities, skills, upgrade systems, quests, territory control etc. And if everything goes well, we will and in the next few weeks you will see more videos from us.

The game engine is also not forgotten and we try to regularly update it to the latest version. A couple of days ago, Unity 5.4 was released and it immediately ended up in our test build. As usual, we didn’t escape issues with updating, especially when it came to shaders but everything else went fine. So from now on, we have a tiny bit more graphical and functional possibilities.

Way back at the end of spring we achieved our second crowdfunding goal with your help. Of course, the amount is not the same as what famous studios receive for their work but it’s exactly what we need, to keep doing what we do.

However, our expenses keep growing and we still need programming equipment that we can’t afford. Not having them makes our work harder, prevents us from getting the best results…and sometimes a particular goal becomes impossible to achieve. Outdated configurations of workstations and a free OS make us sad and miserable ;)

To add to that, we still don’t have an adequate game server, which is also one of our goals. Without it, we won’t be able to launch mass testing as the servers “under the table” are simply not strong enough.

But, we’re here to solve these problems and get through this together.

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