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Update 16.5 NotesFishing Animation, Spot, Research and Craft Added!6 New Animals/Pets Added!

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Update 16.5 Notes

Fishing Animation, Spot, Research and Craft Added!

6 New Animals/Pets Added!

Bandit Trader Update!

Device Update!

Environment Update!

States Update!

  • Well Rested boost(Rest+100) (+1 Life Regeneration every 5 steps)

  • Well Fed boost(Food+100)(+1 Life Regeneration every 5 steps)

  • Full with Water(Water+100)(+1 Life Regeneration every 5 steps)

Updated Bandits and Looters!

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Updated Petal Bike!

Audio Update!

  • New Miolhrian Speak Added to all human characters!

  • New Themes added for most Locations!(Caves, some homes, safehouses!)

  • Some Audio Changes!(Drinking, Sleeping and more..)

  • In Battle Audio for Bandit, Raider, Looter, Miolhrian, Animal, Zombie and Pet Battles!

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New CAS Added!

  • (Winds of change situation responds back pet based animal in caves and tunnels)

New Updated UI for Battle!

  • Depending on Chance of winning you Heart fade in battle!

New Sewing Machine Added!

2021 3 24 21 32 32 402 3166

Fix shadow gap on models!
Fix set property plugin command!
Fix changes to alphaFog not saving!

Deconstructor Device Updated! (Now includes all Crafts)

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