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Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!Update 16.3 Notes

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Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!

Update 16.3 Notes

Re-balanced Win % Based on Location

  • Zombies Higher percentage at Night!

  • Looters Robber Bandits and Raiders have a higher Percentage in Inside Homes!

  • Animals have a higher Percentage in Caves and Tunnels!

Trader Updated! (Now Spawns at Safehouses with CAS)

Traders now kick you out of home after hours!(8-6pm)

Safehouses will now not allow you to enter if you are Bandit/Looter/Raider!

Safehouses and stores will not allow you to enter after hours!(8-6pm)

Type Updated with HUD (UI)

Add 2 New Maps!

New Items and Updated multiple Items and Clothing!

Environment Items and Icons Updated!

Trader and Animal Dog Updated!

Beds can now be reused! (Pillow Item now allows you to resleep in used beds)

Tutorial Updated!

Conscience Character Update!

Death at Survival Updated!


New Critical and Counter Boost added to Miolhrian Battles!

Critical Bonus added if Weaker Elemental Attack!

  • Fire get Critical (+5 Bonus in Battle) when Fighting Ice!

  • Water get Critical (+5 Bonus in Battle) when Fighting Fire!


Animal Spawn Chance Fixed!

  • Based on Rarity animals have a 50%+ Chance of spawning in the Wild and Caves!


4 New Capture Devices Added!​

  • Copper Capture Device(Craft able and Purchasable from Traders)

  • Lead Capture Device (Craft able)

  • Iron Capture Device (Craft able)

  • Pyrite Capture Device (Craft able)


Weather Update!

  • Rain CAS will Soak you with a chance of getting you Sick!

  • Snow CAS will Soak you and decrease your Temp until it hits 0!​

Updated Map in Safehouses!

Added Beacon Device!

Fixed Bandit Spawn radius!

Added Hidden locations for loot!

and many more changes and Updates...

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