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Finally an update - sorry for the delay and lack of updates lately.

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Hi. I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but for those still following, here's the latest news.

I've not given up this project and I'm not going to. As I've mentioned before though, creating STORY (the story...of the custom story..) is by far my weakest ability, and that is pretty much what's been holding me back. So if you're really most interested in a good story, I'm sorry to say that this is not for you. If you however look for a solid custom story in terms of gameplay, I think this might fit. I've been testing this custom story so extremely much and have made sure to eliminate all glitches, exploits and bugs that I've been able to find. For example, the tunnels you see in many custom stories are very glitched, if you jump or run in them there's a high risk you fall out of the map. I've spent quite some time making it solid so it can't be glitched through. A lot of that stuff to avoid glitches. The story (not the entire custom story..) is very disappointing, I'm gonna send the custom story to some testers and after that I think it will be pretty much ready for release. Perhaps some testers can help me out with the story. I'd say the custom story is very well scripted (not saying it's necessarily advanced) compared to most of the custom stories getting released for Amnesia. You will almost always have quests so you know what you need to do (although you can go explore in your own pace and find items which will spawn at random places, see the second video for the custom story for more info about that) and I've polished the custom story as much as possible. I hope I'll be able to release it fairly soon, I won't promise any date, yet, though.


Hey I can test it for you and give some advice for a story, if you want ;)

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Shadowfied Author

Hey I didn't see your comment, they're quite hidden on ModDB. The custom story is finally released though!

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