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Thanks to everyone for their feedback, we have already started implementing some of your suggestions (like letting all corporation items build from your own buildings) so jump in and check it out. A lot more to come as well!

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  • Fix for previous scroll bar changes for scrolling camp list.
  • Fix for occasional server crash when rovers teleporting home.
  • Fix players name in MDN list being too long and displaying over activity number.
  • Fix for when rovers are on top of each other and you are unable to target them.
  • Fix for owner name in camp mark list displaying on top of scroll bar.
  • More stability improvements to login server.
  • Fix so new players get a nice pop-up box when launching PV from EXE and not from webpage.
  • Fix for Aurora Par crash on emergency teleport out.


  • F2P now has the same jitter limit as premium accounts.
  • Hawk turret now shoots 6 shots per round.
  • Protector turret, increase in fire rate and slight increase in accuracy.
  • Removed forced affinity setting from client.
  • Your corporation buildings can now build all other corp items.
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