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One of the largest updates to Holdout so far is here. Control the action with the new mouse controls, know exactly where to place you towers with the new range indicators and enjoy a completely rebalanced tower defence game.

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The largest holdout update to date is finally here. The entire Voltisoft team hopes you enjoy it.

Here is the full changelog:

-Added range indicators to the towers.
-Added full mouse control, to buy a tower click on the image of it and then click to place it.
To upgrade a tower, right click to activate upgrade mode and then left click to upgrade the tower. To sell a tower, press the middle mouse button and then click on the tower you wish to sell.
-Fixed bosses not giving extra cash.
-Fixed level 4 and 5 towers being invisible.
-Completely rebalanced the cost and damage of the towers.
-Changed the Railgun to hit targets closer than it could previously.
-Fixed some programming errors that occasionally caused the game to crash.

Known bugs:
-Selling a level one Plasma tower may cause the game to crash (This issue was not repeatable during testing.)

As I've said previously, I hope you enjoy Holdout and so does the rest of the Voltisoft team.

-James "PenutReaper" Hill, Holdout Programmer.

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