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We recently got a new coder and he has done some pretty good things , find out what inside. And please vote , the team really want to be in the top 100 just to prove that Console modding can be popular too.

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We have been searching for an experienced coder for quite sometime, a couple of weeks ago I got contacted by an experienced coder who works mainly on the quake engine. After talking about the details we came to a conclusion that it would be best to get a few coders and change the mods name. The new name has not yet been decided but it won't include the words *Halo* as we want to be legal.The first build of engine Solitude-Z has been givin for testing purpose's.

The engine

Solitude-Z is a modified quake engine based off the ZQuake source code. We have removed unneeded features and replaced them with more worth while features.So far we have modified the quake engine to support half life (one) map format which means that we will have a 256 pallet for each texture instead of a 256 pallet for the whole game.here are a few screenshots of our engine running counter strike maps.

Isnt that an improvement.

We have also started animating our spartan model.Here is a sneak peak at the spartan model rotating holding the trusty assault rifle.

Thats all for now , i hope this was enough for you guys ( Three updates in less then a week, are we going mad !) Please show your support by voting. Getting into the top 100 would be great , couldnt ask for more.

Mod of the Year Awards

the Flaming Ice team.

Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

I voted :)

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

I see the css map :P. Looks quiet good.

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Samuk Author
Samuk - - 690 comments

Its the cs 1.6 actually:P

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myles - - 854 comments

That looks a whole lot better, will that still work on the PSP okay?
Will you also be changing the name of characters and objects?

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iwantalife - - 455 comments

If they did that then it wouldn't be halo - on there site they said that the only thing they are changing is the name :)

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MrDev - - 59 comments

I remember way back when i made the joke halo psp with the CS Halo model on a then unreleased Iris Engine. I'm glad you guys are serious and putting the effort into your game, I'm not a halo fan and I probably never will be but I'll be charging my PSP up for this game guys, really great show!

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Annihilation_12 - - 70 comments

I honestly have no clue what to say


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Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

I understand about having to change the name... perhaps just calling it "solitude" would work? Or maybe you should go off some element of the singleplayer story you might be working on...

I dunno, you're the devs :P

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Samuk Author
Samuk - - 690 comments

Thats the worry , if we pick a bad name imagin how much hate we will get :P

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PringleX - - 55 comments

It's a shame that we don't see more Halo based mods on other popular PC games. Ever since Halogen got foxed, there has been an inherent paranoia associated with making Halo based mods, which is sad considering how much the franchise could benefit from a source based or CryENGINE2 based mod.

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haloman100 - - 34 comments

is this the last update or is there going to be a 12th

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Samuk Author
Samuk - - 690 comments

there will be alot more updates, what gave you the impression that there wont be anymore updates.

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