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A closer look at what to expect from the combat controls in Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui.

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Hey everyone!

I want to give you a closer look at how the player controls for the combat work. This video also has some attacks not seen in the gameplay, aswell as a closer look at Le-Wahi:

Player Combat Controls:
Keep in mind that everything is work in progress and that the controls and attacks might be further enhanced in the future.

Basic Moves
- Melee Attack (Left Mouse): Fast, basic attack
- Dodge (Space): Basic dodge - Heavy Attack (E): Slow but powerful attack. Can be repeated into a 2x Combo. The second hit does significantly more damage, but is harder to connect with.
- Elemental Attack (Right Mouse): Basic elemental ranged attack. Stuns the enemy. Drains elemental energy, the white bar at the top left.
- Elemental Abilities (T): Not seen in any gameplay footage yet, but you will be able to select from a variety of elemental abilities, such as creating a field of fire as Tahu.

Special Attacks
Special Attacks are on a cooldown that can be seen on the top left of the screen, the glowing gear beneath the elemental bar. All special attacks stun the enemy.

- Special Rush Attack (Press R): Rush forward with a flurry of blows.
- Special Breaker Attack (Hold R): A slower attack that stuns longer and does more damage
- Special Heavy Attack (Perform a Heavy Attack [E] followed by pressing R): Most powerful melee attack outside of mask specific attacks. Very high damage, but has a significant setup time.

- Switch Masks (Press Q to cycle through them or hit number keys)
- Activate Mask (Press F) - Secondary Mask Ability (Press G): Some masks have secondary abilities, like the Miru´s boost forward that can be seen in the 12-minute gameplay walkthrough.

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