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NEW! Difficulty modes, stages, player name indicators and health...Hello there kids. I've got some update news for you.

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Yes ladies and gents, Urizen Shadows of the Cold DX, is moving along quite smoothly. I have officially implemented the 3 difficulty modes which is Warrior which is the basic setup. Conqueror where 2X the damage is the norm. Supreme where 2X the damage and permanent deaths is the norm. Of course it has some bugs and requires some cleaning but all is well here. Then I have made the decision that 50 warriors are enough warriors to go by, there will be NO more warriors added, sorry kids. I have made the decision of adding 15 new stages but I might remove some in the long run. I've also added 2 new bosses and then there's the addition of the enemy's name on top of their respected heads and a power bar square which reflects the number of squares by how many hits it takes to kill that one enemy. I have removed and fixed the auto kill bug and I have now changed the view and zoomed out a bit for the sake of giving a less "crowded" feel. I'm still in the process of updating the graphics, and have successfully added one Graveyard stage. Also I'm in the middle of fixing the warriors jump feel to a less "floaty" one and I wan't to give each player there own set of physical strengths and weaknesses. So all in all this concludes your Urizen DX update, be sure to pick up a copy for $1.99 before the release, since the price will revert to $3.99 upon release.

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