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I will start making articles here showing the progress if any of it is visual and changelogs for next versions. this one is for 0.7

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Hello Everyone


i got little time to work on the mod lately, but i keep on it anyway, due to some errors on some of my new events for The Planet's Revenge event line, i had to remake them all so it took some time, this is the main reason this update has less content.

Here is the changelog planned for 0.7(subject to change for more):

-Added 20 models pictures for default countries transport helicopters from 1945 to future.(-DONE-)

-Added 20 Models pics for SOV Transport Helicopters from 1945 to future. (-DONE-)

-Added 20 Models pics for USA Transport Helicopters. from 1945 to future. (-DONE-)

-Added model pics for Anti-Tank brigade. (Towed) 1934/modern. (-DONE-)
-Added model pics for Anti-Air brigade.(Towed) from 1934/modern.(-DONE-)
-Added model pics for APC from 1945 to future/modern. (-DONE-)
-Added 20 model pics for Destroyers.(-DONE-)
-Added 20 model pics for Light Cruisers.(-DONE-)

-Added 20 model pics for Battleships.(-DONE-)
-Added 20 model pics for artillery.(-DONE-)

-New country United Soviet Estates.(-DONE-)

-Added new country = The planet (it's made for AI use not player intended but can be used.
you cant join any faction and will be at war with everyone likely, it does not have IC and gains manpower and units by events. (-DONE-)

-Added Operation Valkyrie event. (-DONE-*may expand in future with alternate ending*)

-Added German-Japanese Anti-Cominterm Pact (-DONE-)

-Added release of indochina from france Event (-DONE-)

-Added German-Soviet Pact of 1939 event. (-DONE-*future expansion on 0.8with alternate results*)

-Added ENGLAND-FRANCE-POLAND Guarantee Treaty event if AustroHungarian empire its created(alternate history. (-DONE-)-Added an event that creates pro germany revolts on Czechoslovakia in 1937.(-DONE-)

-Added New Events: Communist revolution on USA and events for USA,SOV and CSA(united Soviet States).(-DONE-)

-Added Event to activate or not ( to build) SS units as germany. (-DONE-)

-Added New options on sudeten line and maginot line events for holding them (in exchange for manpower and resources to repair) and pics for events. (-DONE-)

-Added Gernica bombing (Spanish Civil War) event for Germany( decide if do it or not with consecuences for both). (-DONE-)

-New event that gives international & domestic penalties if you research chemical weapons.(-DONE-)

-New event *The Chemical Weapons Convention in 1975* Wich will give international & domestic penalties and allow you to research Chemical Weapons if you keep out of it or grants international & domestic bonus if you sign it.(-DONE-)

-New songs(-DONE-)

-New event for Shinra and germany to share mako techs & resources if Shinra joins axis and other conditions are meet). This new event grants Germany access to some of shinra techs. (-DONE-)

-Added event to create The Turks Division(Department of Administrative Research) in Shinra, which gives a spy efficiency boost for shinra in exchange for money production and manpower.(-DONE-)

-Added a new line of events called "The Planet's Revenge" that will trigger natural disasters and
a full scale invasion of monsters around the planet if Shinra extends its mako usage too far(build reactors events:currenly 5 events)50 % of happen. (-DONE-)

-Modified country specific special units (like the Soviet guards) (-DONE-)

-Added Events to activate special units (if requirements are meet) for : FRA,ENG,SOV,USA,JAP. (-DONE-)

-Added special country units techs to theory tabs. (-DONE-)

-Added new tech tab that will contain a new set of techs of 2000 to 2077. (-Creating new tech ATM-)

--Added 8 New techs to the new 2000-2077 tab.(-DONE-)

-Added 2 new techs for aicraft and bomber tabs.(-DONE-)

-Added new Super Weapon tech *chemical Weapons*.(-DONE-)

-Added 2 new units (Power Armor Infantry and Combat Robots).(-DONE-)

-Added new unit for Germany *Mako Infussed Soldier* (obtained by event). (-DONE-)

-Added new Unit for all *Chemical Trooper* (obtained by event and tech). (-DONE-)

-New 7 units added for the planet like the "Weapons" giant monsters with OP(KILLABE) stats created by the planet to exterminate humanity and some minor monsters . (*Under Revision for 0.8*)

-Added Motorized Waffen SS unit for Germany, fully integrated on techs/build.(-DONE-)

-Conquered countries by The planet will be reduced to ashes with no IC and no manpower generation also they will never be liberated so be carefull. (*Under Revision for 0.8*)

-Added New sounds for Air battles,Bombing,land battles.(-DONE-)

-Added New music from Cancelled game EastVsWest and other sources.(-DONE-)

-Ajusted some events to new CSA country.(-DONE-)

-Improved and Fixed Post World War II (allies/comintern winning) Events/Decisions. (-DONE-)

-Rebalanced some units like Rail Gun ships. (-DONE-)

-Fixed some requirements for Mech techs (-DONE-)

-Fixed some events like the japan surrender Advise triggering even if japan did not. (-DONE-)

-Modified Light mech tech to combat Robots Designs moved mechs units to Advanced Mech Techs


-Fixed all tech requirements. (-DONE-)

-Removed Mussolini in Italy if axis are defeated. (-DONE-)

-All Axis Countries become Democracies or Constitutional Monarchies when Axis are defeated. (-DONE-)


Also, you got an idea for an event? (any event real or alternative will do) post it here or PM me, also you can do it on Mod page on Paradox Forums too.

you can post ideas, or even code for new events if you known how to do them and i will implement them on mod and add you to credits. (If you want to post Code please do it on paradox forums).


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