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The game gets tweaked and pushed as it closes in on release.

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Polish, Polish, Polish

Another round of polish has been added to Four Realms. While there are a lot of small tweaks and fixes in this build, there is one thing in particular I want to point out. Mid Mission saving! Stuck in that long mission. Well, now you can save when you want and continue the journey at your leasure!


Removed "Solulable" mechanic.
Characters and Spells can no longer be cast into walls.
Particle effect from landing.
Fade in Attack text on switch, no more effects.
Updated Call visuals.
Removed lagging crate arrow in the tutorial.
Round Armor on Info Board.
Menu Highlights straightened.
Equipment no longer shrinks when closing menu.
New hat for Metal Heads (Bucket Heads).
Medium Air Barracks placed higher in Generated Levels.
Adjusted moving platforms to be better timed.
Reload spell info on load game.
Mid mission saving.
A bunch of level tweaks and fixes.
Can't pick up Gems and Gold when Warden is Returning.
Can quit to menu from mission.
Can't destroy invisible ladders in tutorial.
Adjusted line-up, Call, and portals in tutorials.

Spells, Combat, and More

I also spent some time tuning the new balance of spells. Certain spells now no longer affect Objective targets. While I try to keep the spells as flexible as possible, these ones just ended up a bit too powerful in these cases.

A pass was also done on the text. Various mistakes were fixed and a bit of fine tuning was done on the overall tone.

Spell Balance

Less chance of gold from Pirate Macaw.
Reduced Turret Uses.
Tangle, Freeze, and Charm only work on non-Objective Targets.
Boulder does more damage.
Increased the cost of Charm.


Infoboard pulls from title database for enchantment names.
Damage effects only spawn one effect.
Hats only updated for on screen characters.


Reduced Water damage.
Reduced Poison damage.
Reduced Snail health.
Enemies properly follow on ladders.
Warden attack has a more accurate range.


Fortune Teller Tent text added(For Experienced).
Fixed missing text #Wanderer_Ranger_Option1_Success_Text.
Fixed missing #Cannon text.
Changed 'Vikings' to 'Barbarians'. Changed 'Bucket Heads' to 'Metal Heads'.
Dialogue Pass.
Fixed missing ^Aether tag in Events.


And if you just can't get enough Four Realms goodness, be sure to check out the blog. You get more insights in the development, plus detailed looks at the Spells of the Four Realms.

Two recent posts look at the Nephila Architect (a character that turned out way cooler than I expected) and four of the new spells in the game.

As always thanks for reading. All questions, suggestions, and feedback are welcome.


hugebot Author

Added small update. Sorry, found a nasty bug where the game didn't unpause from menu.

Update v0.2.38.1 10/4/2016

Snail attack anim hat is now properly rigged.
#InvisibleWall missing text fixed.
Hold for a second to spread troops sign in tutorial.
Reduced Parallax layers in generated levels. (Optimization)
Enemy hats update appropriately.
Game unpauses when you exit menu.
Gem collection improvements. (Optimization)

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