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All kinds of bug fixes and fine tuning. Check in to see the details.

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This build features a lot of fixes and goodies to tune up and make the game feel and look better.

Level Generator

Generated levels get a spruce up to be more consistent looking and elemental barriers are now consistent.

  • Generic generated level editing. (platforming fixes, etc.)
  • Generated Levels Door, Stones, Environment Platforms now have proper sway and Armor.
  • Background Tint Generated Levels not matches Night/Day.
  • Walls on Water Generated Levels.


Combat gets a few annoying features trimmed and a few fixes for consistent damage.

  • No more Fire/Water damage ailments.
  • Knockback can damage after animation, but no knockback for a period.
  • Thrown attacks can now reach their target.
  • Neutral Characters can now be damaged by enemies.
  • Fire Salamander maintains distance in combat.


  • Load text on every game load.
  • Wall climbers don't push crates forever.
  • More pizzaz to dialogue boxes.
  • Aether Angel not stuck on player control.
  • Memory spell highlights appropriately, doesn't lag, and exits faster.
  • Made Viking and Hypnotist hats less silly.
  • Improved smoke effects.
  • Generic text editing. (Tips & "they local")
  • ^LocalRegion Trust shop now show region.
  • Tool tip is now not significantly laggy.
  • Fixed lag on character select screen.
  • Sell doesn't unequip if you have two items.

Balance Tuning

A lot of the tuning went to the super game. Items and bonuses you can buy are now cheaper. Trust is easier to earn, making the whole game a bit easier. Plus a few features to make the easier modes easier. You now start with a key on the lower difficulties.

  • Added Combat Tutorial (Use Allies).
  • Cheaper Skills/Items/Time at stores.
  • More Days on easier difficulties.
  • Earn More Trust/Days on Level Complete.
  • Start with one key on easier difficulties.
  • Lose less Trust on final mission failure.
  • Allies magnet towards player when jumping.
  • Warden can call allies to position with alt attack.

One new feature I want to highlight is that you can now summon allies to your Warden's location by pressing shift once, switching your attack to "Call".

As always, thanks for reading. All questions, suggestions, and feedback are welcome.


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