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Achievements are now active! Also the Little Spotted Kiwi is back!

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One of the first things asked for when Four Realms went live is achievements. Well, I'm pleased to announce they are now ready! Thanks to the Steam4C2 plugin, I now have a wide range of options available for Steam users. (Leaderboards anyone?)

Most are the standard run of the mill "beat the game" achievements. But I have added a few others to encourage players to really use those spells. There are 18 now, but I'm more than happy to add more. Let me know if you have any ideas!


Most of the unlockables have technically been in the game for awhile now. Have you been wondering why there are arrows next to the Guide and Tent? Well guess what? Beat the game with various Wardens and difficulties and you will unlock new Tents and Guides to spice up the game.

Note: Difficulty five doesn't currently have a reward ... yet.

But that's not all, some of the achievements also unlock new Titles. Tired of being called Lord, Lady, or Warden? Then earn a new name for yourself. How about "Commander"?

The Kiwi is Back!

OK, so most people didn't know it was gone. I implemented it and wanted it live on the start of Early Access. Only, when I was playing it right before going live, I found the Warden to be way over powered. The original power reduced the costs of Spells (not Structures, Summons, or Enchantments) by one. You could essentially cast those powerful Fireballs & Lightning Bolts for free and save up for big allies.

Now the Kiwi adds just one use to the Spells. I was hesitant to do this at first since the it seemed less powerful than the other Wardens. Oh, silly me. I think this one is just right, let me know what you think.

Since I revamped the Kiwi, I also had to revamp the Arcane Pavilion (the tent unlocked when you beat the game with the Kiwi). Now it increases your max Spell List size by one.

Which Warden?

Now that we have the full four Wardens. Which is the one to choose?

The obvious first choice is the Rainbow Mandarin Fish. Flexible and easy to understand, those extra gems come in handy. But while flexible, this Warden is not necessarily the strongest.

The next early pick is the Pinnochio Anole. While not as obvious as the Mandarin Fish. Load your list up with structures and you'll find you get a lot of more bang for your buck.

The Guinea Pigs are definitely where we enter into the intermediate zone. They clearly get a strong early bonus of an extra ally per stage, so it's not bad for beginners. But their real power comes when you understand how to maximize Skills, Equipments, and Tents.

The Kiwi is certainly the most advanced of the Wardens. It's potential doesn't shine until you've unlocked enough Spells. Then you can cleverly leverage some powerful spells to easily turn the tide.

As always thanks for reading. All questions, suggestions, and feedback is welcome!


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