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Hey, everyone. I cancelled my extra week of holiday, and decided to dedicate it to the mod. Lots of exciting stuff has been happening!

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As you all know, this is going to be a rather big mod, containing between the 10 and 20 levels, we hope to give you the unique experience that some lack to do.

As for a change, we do not utilize tasteless jumpscares. We will now elaborately get you more, and more afraid, by housing an atmosphere that resembles Sinister (The Movie), and OutLast (The Game), combined. We will be using many, if not all soundtracks of Sinister in our modification, as to accomodate the desired atmosphere.

Not just that, but I've had to let one of our coders go last week, as he no longer had the drive, and motivation to continue. It is unfortunate, but we are currently left with a more than capable coder, but this will harm progress a bit.

As for the voice-acting, I have managed to find multiple people. Protagonist, Antagonist, and the usual side characters.

As for now, I've found 4 voice actors, who will each voice their own character, and give their own addition to the story that we laid out.

Slowly, but steadily, the horrors in Athenry Castle are explained...

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