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Upcoming: Ruffy Model finished ,textures finished,basic movement animations,ingame test,map test,character control test..Stay tuned we will be here ;)

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Hi guys, i want to tell you some news about the work in progress: in those days, we are going to put Ruffy in game for a test: the character's model is finished, we need to texture and animate it (for now with simple walk and run animations). Also Majin Jake is preparing the character control system ( actually at 50 %) and modelling the first map, as you saw in the pics..so.. what else? Just stay tunned ;)

blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

Hey,just wondering why do you use ruffy instead of luffy?
cuz to me luffy is better cuz it's original...

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Gigirs50 - - 178 comments

Ruffy is the correct traduction of Luffy...we will use the english one

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n0mi - - 7 comments

The right name is luffy but it sounds like they say ruffy because luffy and ruffy sounds almost the same in japanese.

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Gigirs50 - - 178 comments

n0mi..you are right, in Italy he is called Rufy..but in english is wrote Luffy..the same of the japanese version..and it soud the sam..ruffy

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Skattastrophe - - 127 comments

Good luck Nello!!, Gigirs50, and Majin Jake :)

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Gigirs50 - - 178 comments

Thanks Skatter:) but for now Nello has left...we are only two right now

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