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"from view", a quiet game about exploring lovely 3D dioramas, will be getting a Steam release on September 16, 2021!

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from view is a quiet, relaxing game about exploring beautifully rendered 3D dioramas in order to collect items, find clues, and solve puzzles. It had a small initial release on Itch.io, and now it will be coming to Steam on September 16, 2021!

An intriguing combination lock

In from view you'll travel through 40 rooms searching for clues, solving puzzles, and uncovering items. Ultimately you'll need to carry five Sunstones to the shrines scattered around the world to rekindle their light.

A crystal inside a dimly lit shrine

There are no threats or opponents to deal with; your challenges are entirely based on observation, discovery, and puzzle solving.

An alcove along the shore

Streamers and content creators can also check out the Keymailer campaign if you'd like to share a play-through of from view with your audience!

A rocky outcropping at sea A gateway in the rocky plains

Sunlight through the trees in the woods A secret spot on the shore

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