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SCKING – QA Team Lead addressing What his team have been working on and the fixes and updates for the upcoming Release

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Happy Friday! I had asked Xoom if I could do the Friday Dev report this week in order to talk about the development that is in the pipeline and my team is currently testing. We are working on which is our first release after the big release of Hybrid Supply. We aimed for this release to be a “Maintenance” release to try and focus on the little bugs that have been around. Both the production team and development team have been focused on these tasks. That doesn’t mean we have ignored adding a few features to this release as well.

Some fixes we have in this release are:

  • Offline Clones are finally fixed. They can finally be placed in whichever direction and be killed as well.
  • Many model texture fixes and even some new textures. The R35 will have a new texture, several of the infantry weapons will have new textures, some tanks have had minor texture fixes as well. The ultra bright interior of the 251 has been changed.

R35 Old Vs New


  • Added the Barb Wire PPO to the Italian Rifle, Flak38 to depot and FMS spawning.
  • Fix some tracer round issues with both JU87s as well as the Vickers.
  • Many terrain fixes as well as fixing clipping issues into many different building types have been taken care of.
  • Improper ownership data showing in some towns should now show the proper information.
  • Bomber EWS will no longer show in the Mouse Hover on towns.

We are still working on a few other fixes that we hope will make this release but haven’t finished testing yet. With the limited resources we have, we weren’t able to fix everything that we wanted but already have another “Maintenance” release planned for the near future that is populated with bugs we could not get to in this release and will add more as we find them.

Some new things that are planned to show up in this release:

  • AAR will now have a tab that will list what you killed and show you the name of the person who was operating that weapon.
  • Contact report removal by the player that placed the contact report.
  • To add more targets for the bombers, we have added the ability for bombers to partially destroy a Forward Base. You will still need to get boots on the ground to finish it off, but bombs can now destroy the vehicle spawn and the others tents but can not damage the infantry spawn. This will also draw more bombers towards the FBs which in turn will give the AA guns more targets at the FBs. And maybe with more bombers in the air, it will spur on more fighters.
  • We have updated Brussels airfield with a new design

The lists above are just some of the fixes that will be a part of We have approximately 80 tickets in this version. As long as we do not run into any hiccups, we plan to release around the end of the month.

As a small volunteer team, we at CRS are putting in a lot of time to help try and better the game for everyone. Our community is very passionate about this game and everyone has a different view of what is best for the game. We appreciate your subscriptions. Without your subscriptions, keeping the servers running, so that we can all play the game, would not be possible. Attached are just a couple before and afters for the R35 and Sdkfz251.


SCKING – QA Team Lead

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