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A shipyard is, as you might guess, a necessary building when it comes to creating and modifying spaceships designs. Let us introduce this gameplay feature to you.

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Hello everybody,

We recently had a lot to do on the side, and did not communicate much on our advancement. So today we will introduce to you an important gameplay feature of Untold Universe.

The shipyards

What is it ?

One of the most important possibility offered by the game is to let player design and pilot his very own spaceship. To achieve this, one will need ressources, time, maybe friends and, of course, a shipyard. These structures are needed for any operation of construction, reparation or modification of your ship.

Dev - ShipyardsDev - Shipyards
A Fighter class shipyard

Shipyards will come in different sizes depending on the type of spaceship you want to build. For a Fighter class spaceship, it will be 24x16x16 blocks as an exemple.

How to build it

To build a shipyard, the player will need enough scaffolds and a Design Console.

Dev - ShipyardsDev - Shipyards
A Design Console

When dropping such a block, a shipyard will automatically be built at a chosen size if applicable. Of course, the game will check if there is enough space to do so. Once done, the player can enter it and start building a spaceship, or land in it with one of his spaceships.

The console

The console is the direct interface with the shipyard. When using it a menu will pop-up letting you choose different actions, and giving you handy informations about the spaceship currently inside the shipyard, if any. This part will be covered more deeply in a later post about designing spaceships.

What you can do is:

  • Start a new design: If no spaceship is present in the construction space, a new blank one will be created, allowing you to start building.
  • Confirm a design: Satisfied of your design? Confirm it, jump into your brand new vehicle, and fly into space!
  • Build from design: Feed the console a blueprint and the necessary ressources and go drink a coffee with some fellow pioneers, while the shipyard builds automatically what you wanted.
  • Repair: if a spaceship is inside the shipyard, this command will start to repair it to return it to it's original form. Given you have the ressources to do so of course.
  • Dismantle/Destroy: This command will dismantle a ship and give you back almost every ressources that were used to build it. By scarifying a bit more cubes, you can also get back a one time blueprint to re-build it later.

Where to build it

Anywhere. Here are shipyards in a hangar and in an underground facility:

Dev - ShipyardsDev - Shipyards

What's next

As you have seen on the pictures, shipyards can already be built in the game. They currently allow the player to start a new design and confirm it, and will evolve along with the advancements we make on spaceships themselves in the futur.
We are thus now focusing on spaceships themselves, and will come back soon to discuss how to design one!

We hope that you will like this gameplay feature, do not hesitate to share your thoughts!

See you soon

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This is where ships live! Getchu one!

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