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Mercury Apart from tiniest and closet planet to Sun, Mercury is second hottest planet in solar system. A year in mercury is 88 earth day long and intrestingly a day + night in mercury is 176 earth days. Mercury is a rocky planet with no moon or rings, And it is second most dense planet of our solar system.

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Latest game, Universe: A journey is live now.

Stunning visuals along with mini games which make you learn interesting facts about our solar system fun.

Educational + Mini games + Solar system walk through.

This sums up our Game/App: Universe: A journey.

Hope you guys like don't forget to share and review it.

Only initial version is available now, but it is enough to get the feel, working on further levels.

Please have a look

itch.io: Pseudogamer01.itch.io

Game Jolt: Gamejolt.com

Kongregate: Kongregate.com


Google play store: Play.google.com

Amazon App store: Amazon.com


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