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Post news RSS Dev Log 4: Unit list -reorganization- part deux and cut content sneak peek

Follow-up post on the new attachments. Not an exhaustive list.

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Again i really wish there was more flexibility to build divisions in hoi2. Darkest hour features are great and can match up to hoi3-hoi4 features, but the limitations is what stops its full potential honestly. Anyway i keep adding and removing attachments, its those that are the trickiest and this is only a partial list until final release sadly.

Whats updated:
-removed heavy assault gun
-added armored train
-renamed aircraft tender to seaplane tender
-removed ecm
-renamed depth charge to asw projector
-added aa rocket projector
-renamed naval tender to destroyer tender
-removed midget submarine
-removed naval special forces
-added casemate artillery
-added naval uav
-removed naval infantry
-removed aeronaval infantry
-added amphibious tank
-added hovercraft infantry
-airlanding infantry renamed to glider infantry
-removed airborne infantry
-added tactical ballistic missile

Next are the surprises, theres some stuff id want to add but would lack space, mechanics or kinda controversial:

Cluster bomb, child soldier, female unit, penal unit, death squads, chemical weed-bombs, remote control bomb, autogyros, nuclear depth charges, manpads. etc

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