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Well friends, quite some time this page was updated...

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Sorry to anyone waiting for the release of this mod. A laptop-hard drive incident destroyed most of the mod files and data I ever had, this severely slowed mod progress and demoralized me a bit.

However, could remember most of the items that i worked on, modding by hand without using an editor program really engrains stuff into your brain. Plus this kind of research on military equipment is pretty fascinating to me, even if i admit i am just an amateur in most military fields.

To be fair, what i lost were mostly text and codes, if I had done any gfx work to support the new units that would have been really catastrophic. Well still i lost stuff i worked hard on, like the tech tree prototype to fit new units. Also btw this is the 2nd time i restart work from 'scratch': Have you ever badly installed a program, like not giving it its properfolder inside another folder? Well watch out how you uninstall that program, it will wipe out where ever you installed that program. I installed it in the steam games folder, so it wiped every game there, including some non-steam i put there, plus my modding folder (containing this rebuilt mod) i put there for easy access.

Anyway, im still working on this mod. I looked at what i had, theres stuff i want to redo, it will need some thinking. In any case I will post some more stuff, maybe for xmas, but dont expect an actual release.

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