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How it came about that a little game idea drove me to build a game at Easter.

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Hi, it's me, Matthias from Klickaffen Studio.

Actually, this year I'm working on tinyPLAY, a small, fine collection of bonsai games.
I will also present the project here next once.

To the background - Klickaffen Studio exists in its 10th year and tinyPLAY is supposed to be the anniversary game, so to speak.

But then this happened ...

In the 5th minigame (it should be 10 in the end) I came across an idea that is as simple as it is fascinating.

I built a lot of turrets with my daughters and we loved it 🙂

One of the reasons I create computer games is because of my daughters.
I want to show them that there are also video games that challenge the mind and invite you to try out and explore.
I don't believe in reward software, that's stupid ...

And of course, as a father, you always try to win the favor of your children.

Perhaps I was also inspired by @amasinton, whom I recently discovered on twitter.

Eventually I started playing around with blocks and rigid bodies in Unity. I uploaded a video in video section.

this led to two wonderful phenomena ...
On the one hand I had the irrepressible need to build turrets again and on the other hand I was very interested in experimenting with Unity's physics engine. To feel on the tooth, so to speak.

It worked wonderfully!

I built with blocks in the editor and at the push of a button I had a game that everyone knows and understands. When you take something out of a construction, the construct reacts reasonably correctly physically.

But what should be the attraction about it?
Only letting turrets collapse spectacularly is too destructive for me and is already worn out.

So the goal should be not to let the construct collapse!

But how do you make it exciting and challenging?

For the sake of convenience, I only included a classic game element, chance, for testing purposes.

The player is not allowed to choose which stone to take away, but that is given to him at random.

and that's it! I had found a game principle for the 5th mini game in tinyPLAY ... my daughters got into it ... they played one of my games voluntarily and with enthusiasm ... that doesn't happen often!

and I also realized that this gameplay is called to more than just one in 10 to appear sometime this year ...

The rest is history. Easter was just around the corner. We stayed home anyway. I built 10 turrets and a UI, the girls fought for fair level design - it was wonderful.

Unbuild comes out on April 28th, 2021!

Until then you can already play the light version.
2 levels, the first two constructs of my newly started turret builder activity🙂

Since I don't want to support the tracking habits of the industry, I decided to offer a free light version in addition to the premium full version. I do not collect any data with my games.

I hope you guys give Unbuild a try.
A surprising experience!

Best weekend!

Your Matthias

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