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Pretty big update ey. Fixed some major glitches and added some more interesting stuff.

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UDAG 0.3 changelog:

>Craft recipes
-Chicken ingot
-Peanut butter
-Ant treat
-Player sense
>Hand slot cant be selected on click
>Some furniture cant be picked up with object backpack
>Containers shows unknown items name
>Small chest texture mipmaps
>Item crafts
>Item stock sell price
>Player can crouch through blocks
>Golden skull curse
-Player's corpse gets saved
>Music doesnt play when game is paused
>Drinking items sound
>Duplicated hints
>Fish hitbox
>Broken containers drops items w\o properties
>Collect machine
-Resets current save slot
-Items grid goes beyond interface borders

-Teeth drop probability
>Item upgrades
>Item repair
-Iron mace
-Old jacket
-Old pants
-Old boots
>Item prices
-Portable laser
-Hint machine
-Added items
>Vinyl discs music
>Containers interaction
-Damages player when picked up if player has no equipped glove
>Rock leech
-Drops flesh if damaged
-Damage zone
-Damage recieve
>Home expand menu
-Hover over items to show their names
>Minimap level display
>Drag-and-drop system
>Hint menu
-Removed second money counter
>Gato queque
>Guide book spawn probability
>Water shader

>7 items
>Underwater effect
>1 creature

>Changed home tiles logic

Plans for 0.4:
>Custom key bindings

New water depth shaderNew underwater Post Process effectthey glow

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