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Here is a nice and beautiful update for all of you watchers. This update includes critical images that the public will love to see and drool over.

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------------Type 3 Update #1!------------

New Members

Concept artists

Alex Chinyu Chu: Lead
Concept Artist



--Past Work--

Worked for Crystal Dynamics, has done Concept Art for Tomb
Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld

Crystal Dynamics is an American video game developer based
in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was acquired by Eidos Interactive, a British
video game publisher, in 1998, and is still part of the Eidos group. Eidos
Interactive has been subsequently acquired by British entertainment company SCi
in 2005.

chalk9: Concept Artist



Jen: Concept Artist


--Past Work /
Current Work--

Jen has done some fantastic Concept Art for the indie
puzzle game 'Lux', in which players wield 'Tulip' a light-manipulation device
(which is effectively a ‘light gun’). This can reflect, absorb, mix and emit
light with a varying degree of focus. This gameplay mechanic is used to solve
puzzles that increase in difficulty as the game goes on.

Check out Lux here: Indiedb.com

Red_Pilgrim / Lance Red:
Concept Artist



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Sound Path: Concept Artist


Egonaut / Jose : 3D Character Modeler/Rigger/Texture Artist


S!R: 3D Modeler, Concept Art



Avenger:3D Modeler/Texture Artist


Brian Barsda: Lead Sound Designer



--Past Work--

Brian created
the sound effects for the Armored Core 4 trailer, the Aeon Flux CG animated
film, and has worked in documentaries as well as other professional and
commercial work.

Sound Designer/Composer


Blablah: 2D Graphic Design

Token / Jeremy: Public

Icerage / David: Public

We would also like to congratulate our Lead Animator Matthew Lee on his new job as Junior Animator at Crytek! We are honored to continue working with him on Type 3.


Masada by Obaso

Concept Art

Computer Roomzc5

The Niirae Forest by SoundPath

Modular Assault Rifle by SoundPath

Engine Pictures

Engine 1

Engine 1

Engine 1

Engine 1

Engine 1

Engine 1

Engine 1

Engine 1

Engine 1

LaughingMan - - 57 comments

for being a custom built engine and an indie game as well, this is ******* fantastic work in terms of coding an engine, i'm watching this.

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UltimaRage - - 186 comments

Thanks guys. Yep; the engine has been in progress for over a year by one programmer, then things happened, that same programmer joined forces with some people, we joined them and scrapped an old modding project, and here we hare. I think we have about... 30 people in our team for Type 3 right now.

Now that there is more than one programmer working on the engine, it has been flying with progress, and I hear one of the other programmers will begin work on the scripting aspects and gameplay aspects of the engine and editor.

We have another update for Type 3 AND the engine for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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timi99 - - 243 comments

love the videos.... found some aspects that are really similar to the cryengine 2

this engine is really great :)

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