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This week I tell you about how I learn from the two new gameplay videos made by players.

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A video by experts
Hi everyone! I'm back from vacation, and full of energy for another year of Olvand development. What I want to talk about this week is some material created by users. In the past, I've complained about how people said they would make videos, tutorials, wikis, etc, but nobody actually did... well, I'm happy to say that the times they are a changin'. We already got a few tutorials some weeks ago (which, I can tell from various sources, are heavily used). Since the last blogpost I can add [a short review] on the blog of player TheWhiteWizard (very nice and thankfully also very positive :) ) and two gameplay videos to this list! Hurray!

The first video is by players Teanji and Teckiies:

The video looks professional, is made by players who know what they are doing (well, most of the time), is incredibly funny, and also relatively long, so you can get a real feel for what playing Olvand is like. I learned about it right before I left for Portugal, so you can imagine I left with a smile on my face.

But what perhaps is even more important is that Teanji and Teckiies encounter a lot of bugs (and by a lot, I really mean a lot), and that I can see exactly what they are doing to cause the bug. On top of that, I can see what things confuse them, and listen to their thought processes when trying to solve the problem. To give you an idea of how insightful this is, a few examples of things I'm going to change as a result of what I've seen:

  • Teanji and Teckiies tried to delete their world and accounts to start over, but only succeeded partially - the towns areas are still there for example, as they discover themselves after some time. The next build will have one simple folder with all world-related info in it. If you delete it, you will remove everything related to your world, not only part of the stuff.
  • Yeah, tooltips, you're right. Here you go:

  • As other players have told me, it's not that intuitive that you have to shoot at the rock to mine it. Also, some Olbs create light instead of breaking rocks, which is even more confusing. It's all explained in the new loading screen:

A video by a beginner
Interestingly, while searching YouTube for the video above, I discovered another one by Deadpepper5 by accident, published on the same day. Like the previous video, it's a very nice, long and professional looking Let's Play. However, Deadpepper5 took a completely different approach and recorded himself discovering the game:

So if the previous video went a bit too fast for you, this is what you want. And again, this is a super-nice opportunity for me to watch and rewatch where people, in this case beginners, get stuck:

  • Deadpepper often asks 'what's this', and doesn't find the 'Description' button... so yeah, these tooltips are really important.
  • Deadpepper really struggles with the fact that not all the material needed for the small house fits into the inventory. This is of course caused by the fact that the button to start building a house says 'Create this', which implies you're going to start creating the full house and thus will need all material... while in reality you're only going to create the construction site. Deadpepper exclaims 'I'm such an idiot', but actually the game is quite misleading here. So here you go:

Next week: more achievements
And finally, I'm working on 9 new achievements related to the new features of this and previous updates at the moment. More about that next week!

If you want more development, see [twitter] or [facebook]. If you want to be a tester, you can subscribe on [olvand.com].

Arma_dei_Carabinieri - - 252 comments

how we get an invite for this great game?

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Woseseltops Author
Woseseltops - - 250 comments

By going to olvand.com, en requesting one :).

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