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Post news RSS Two new tutorial levels and new beginner levels for LogicBots

The latest alpha version for Kickstarter Alpha Backers has just been released. It contains the first two tutorial levels and two new levels for the first level set which are designed to help you get used to making LogicBots. Check out some of the in game screenshots.

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Here are four of the new screenshots which will give you an idea of the layout of the tutorials and will show off the two new beginner levels.

In other news, the LogicBots Steam Greenlight is going well and the game is currently 92% of the way to the top 100. We just need another 550 votes to be in the top 100! So please, if you haven't already done so, remember to upvote the game and share it with your friends.

LogicBots Steam Greenlight

In-Game Screenshots

This screenshot is showing the second tutorial where the game teaches you how to build a LogicBot capable of following smooth black lines.

In-Game Screenshots

In the walkthrough tutorial you learn how to place and wire gates so your LogicBot will carry out its task.

In-Game Screenshots

This is the new first level to the game (some of you may recognize it from Kickstarter). It makes a good first level as it carries on from the tutorial and sets you an interesting aditional challenge designed to make you think about simplicity.

In-Game Screenshots

The new second level which you can see in this screenshot has much tighter corners This will force you to rework your robot design or your robot's wiring from the first level, and this then acts as a transition to the third level where there are sharp 90 degree corners.

The game now has 13 levels and 2 tutorial levels. More to come very soon, including some army themed levels.

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