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And then Forging Life joined Twitter: ForgingLifeGame Follow us, and we try to keep you updated...

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We'll try to update as soon as something, worth to tweed about appears. Probably not much :)

Besides joining the world of twitter, we are working on an Editor to create all data avalaible in the game. As of now, we only focus on Items and NPC's (species etc.) At the same time, we do a total remake of the data model. Now it should be able to allow a little modding, some time in the future. But only to add items and NPCs.

Find us at: ForgingLifeGame


This is a game worth watching... There is only 1 other game that I can think of that is similar to this but it has spawning creatures. My personal Opinion is that "This game is more of a simulation then a game." No spawned items or creatures. Everything is totally made by the player base. From what I have read the creatures can even go extinct. What other game/simulator has that? None.

I do have a couple questions.
1) Will this SIMULATOR (lol) have item durability/quality?
2) I know there is a Disease system but what about Perma Death for players?
3) Behavior controlled NPC's.... does this mean player will have the opportunity to have a karma based relationship with a single NPC. (good karma with that NPC = Lower prices, Bad karma with that NPC = Higher prices.)
4) Donations...I would rather donate $10 a week to see this game in action then to spend $5 a week to play a popular hack/slash based game. So where do people go to Donate?
5) Videos..... would love to see a video of what is going on. Perhaps setup a video every other week to show the progress of the game?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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ForgingLifeGame Author

Hi CrypticTundra

Im on holiday, but will make a short answer.

1: Aye, every item have both quality and durability, and even more attributes the describe the item, such as sophistication and intimidation etc.
2: We havn't decided yet. We have a few "death" scenarios on the drawing board. Death WILL however be very severely punished.
3: Yes, you are absolutly right. We do however have more values describing the relationship.
4: Donation is very welcome, but right now we focus on developing, and havnt had much time to look into how donation works :)
5: Next time we release a video, we'll start to release maybe monthly vids.

Thanks for your interest in our game.

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Thanks for the quick response and have a great Holiday. No need to reply.

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