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Are you up to the challenge? We are giving aways game copies along the way and a cash prize when 100%.

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Hi all, we are delighted to announce that we just launched a TwitchPlays experience on our official Twitch channel. For this purpose, we had to make a modified version of the game where the time passes only when a command chosen from the chat is executed. Beside building a fun UI with different stats on players and the game, we have added a giveaway prize for players who wish to participate in this challenge of completing the game 100%, the more players there are, the more the prize will go up. In addition, we will be gifting some copies of the game along the way. All details and rules are available in the Twitch description.

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To be transparent, this idea originated from a wish to bring awareness around the game in the hope it can allow us to fully complete the development of the game in the way we imagined it. We have so many new features, worlds and story elements we would love you to explore and we need to face the hard truth that the game is not profitable. It’s totally fine as we initially started this adventure as a passion project, and we will always do our best to keep working on it, but before moving our main activities to something else we wanted to bring you something fun and see if you guys can 100% the 6 worlds collectively.

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Starting now and for the duration of the experience only, if you own the game, you will be able to unlock an exclusive skin by typing the following code on the title screen of the game: ↓ ↓ ↑ ↑ → ← → ← Ⓑ

tppa skingift

We believe it’s a really tough challenge to complete this game as a crowd, but passionate players have already shown that they can accomplish amazing things when it comes to skills or working together. We are excited to witness such an exploit and we will be watching attentively the chaos while you try to guide Peppy through the game.

Best of luck to all of you!
Stephane & Lionel


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