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Finally 60fps is achieved! And the new voxel rendering system is working!

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Finally 60fps is achieved! And the new voxel rendering system is working!


The overall polygon count is reduced by the factor 10 and the level of detail of the trees and meshes is greatly reduced (the switch between lods is now barely visible). This not only means that we can render faster it also improves the speed of the physic engine (=> more monsters can walk around).


You see these 2 big blue triangles? The old algorithm generated 128 triangles to display the same surface.

And as we do not need so much information to create the triangles we could throw away half of the world generation algorithm. This means that world generation is now also faster. Will upload a new version soon.

TheRenegadist - - 2,089 comments

Congrats guys, another big step out of the way!

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bsf_mistau Author
bsf_mistau - - 76 comments

The new speed of the engine allows us to add more features like buildings, better enemies, NPC's and multiplayer. It is the prerequest to a lot of cool stuff.

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Vladiskov - - 384 comments

But think of the terrain detail D:!!

Anyway, great work :D is funny how a voxel world (using cubes to look like circles) need triangules to work XD

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