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Turnover has been update with experimental custom level support, as well as a handful of important bug fixes.

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Steam announcement: Steamcommunity.com

Custom Turnover Level in Tiled

The latest Turnover update is up on Steam and I’ve added experimental support for custom levels. I’ve been kicking around the idea since Turnover was in beta, and after some quick tests, it seemed to be easy enough to put together.

If you have experience in Tiled, then putting together a level should be fairly straight forward.

In a nutshell, how does it work?

  1. Download Tiled.
  2. Extract Turnover’s resource files into their own directories (base.zip & snd.zip to /base/ & /res/).
  3. Create a directory under /custom/ to hold your campaign.
  4. Use the resource directories and Tiled to make some levels!

I’ve put together documentation in the extras/CustomLevelDocumentation/ directory, so check out index.html to get started. I’ve also included an example level in /custom/examplelevel/ and a template level with some layers and actors set down in /custom/examplestock/.

Other Changes

This update also includes a couple of important bug fixes.

In Mac, I’ve fixed some older, hacky audio code. This should reduce or eliminate crashes/segfaults related to OpenAL-soft. Even though this was an issue I had been chasing for a while, I haven’t had any bugs reports regarding this, thankfully.

While porting some Turnover stuff over to my new game/engine, I was able to get an important piece of drawing code to crash in both the engine and the GL driver. Apparently, I had been doing something wrong when it comes to memory allocation, so I fixed the problem and backported the changes over to Turnover.

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