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Post news RSS Turnover: Beta Branch Updated, Includes Controller Binds Help

Turnover's beta branch on Steam has been updated with help for those who are having trouble with controller binds.

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Announcement: Steamcommunity.com

I’ve been keeping an eye on Steam reviews and refund data to try to get an idea on where to improve Turnover. One thing that has popped up as an issue has been that certain controllers clash with the initial game binds.

When Turnover is first launched, a generic set of keys and controller binds are set for the player. Particularly for controllers, these default binds may not match correctly with axes and arrows, making navigating the menu screens difficult or even impossible.

For example, the arrow keys on one controller may be seen as axes or povs. But, on another controller, they are seen as buttons. There are so many different controllers and system configurations in the wild, it is difficult to set a universal set of initial binds for every controller and have them always work right off the bat. There have only been a handful of cases with this problem, but it still an issue I wanted to address.

In response, I’ve create a launch option in the latest beta: setcontroller. Launching Turnover with this will take you right to the bind screen with the controller enabled, where you set your binds down the line without having to navigate any menus. After the binds are set and the launch option is removed, everything in menus and in game should work fine on the next run.

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